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Helping to Raise Awareness


We have been contacted by many bereaved families and community members who have expressed interest in helping to raise awareness about fentanyl and fake pills. Wonderful! Thank you for offering to help with this important cause. How you can help depends on many things, including your interests and skills. Below is a list of things you can do to raise awareness. As you decide what you’d like to do, consider these few tips:

  • Do what you are comfortable with and what fits your skills. If you are good at public speaking and connecting with kids, you may be good at speaking in front of a group of kids. If you have an interest in finding justice for victims, you may want to focus on legislation. If you follow your heart, you will have more stamina for the work.

  • If you’ve personally been affected by the opioid epidemic, don’t feel obligated to share all the details of your story if you are not comfortable with it. Honor your feelings and share just what feels right to you. 

  • Pace yourself. Consider choosing just one or two areas to focus on. These activities are time consuming and can be emotionally draining. It is going to take a long time to fix this issue, and you can always pick up another area of interest at a later time if you’d like.  

Song for Charlie is passionate about talking to kids where they are & in their language, so most of our suggestions are youth focused and sometimes parent oriented. That noted, all efforts to raise awareness are useful. 


If you run across any examples of people that are doing things right, please share them with us… schools that are implementing programs, county programs, media stories & interviews, news articles, etc. 

Song for Charlie hosts monthly awareness meetings for anyone wanting to raise awareness in their communities. For more information, click here

Do you have ideas on how to get involved?

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