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All 50 States have reported Deadly Counterfeit Pills made with Fentanyl

Fake, fentanyl-laced pills have left a trail of bodies in the U.S. A father-to-be in Georgia. A Californian who took a Xanax when he couldn’t sleep. A Peace Corps volunteer staying with his parents in Connecticut. A restaurant manager in Florida who just wanted her back to stop hurting. A Major League Baseball pitcher winding down after a game. Unsuspecting Americans like these have died in 42 states—all because of counterfeit pills made with fentanyl

Where do these pills come from? Criminals smuggle cheap, illicitly manufactured fentanyl powder and fentanyl pills en masse across U.S. borders, but the drug also comes in the mail. A first-class envelope can conceal enough powdered fentanyl that a person with an inexpensive pill press can make over 120,000 deadly fake pills.

How do we stop it? Educate Americans about the existence of these dangerous counterfeits and oppose efforts to weaken the closed, secure drug supply through importation.

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Only purchase medicine from licensed U.S. pharmacies selling FDA-approved products.

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