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Back to School Flyers

As part of our work with schools and districts, we have created both print and digital flyers, directed towards parents/teachers and for students. Schools have the option of printing and/or posting on their website and social media pages.

We provide:

Digital Flyers

  • Color

  • Black and White

  • With Logo + QR Code

  • Without Logo + QR Code

Print Flyers

  • Color

  • Black and White

  • With Logo + QR Code

  • Without Logo + QR Code

Social Media

  • Facebook

  • Instagram Posts

  • Instagram Storys

SFC-Back to School
Download ZIP • 17.64MB

For best success, please don’t plan to distribute without talking to your school first. Be aware that most schools have strict guidelines regarding posters/advertising. Before approaching your school to post these, be sure to ask about your school’s poster/advertising guidelines and work within those guidelines (we have created several different styles of posters for you to choose from). And remember, the same advertising guidelines that may make to more difficult to get this message into schools are the guidelines the protect our kids from advertising from tobacco companies, pharmaceutical companies, and others trying to make a profit from our kids.

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