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St. Paul police report seven overdoses in 24 hours, remind residents of how to help


Updated: September 18, 2021 10:46 PM

Created: September 18, 2021 06:32 PM

There have been seven suspected overdoses — including two that turned fatal — in Saint Paul over a 24-hour period on Friday and Saturday, according to police. As of 2 p.m. Saturday, the Saint Paul Police Department said there have been 89 suspected fatal overdoses in the city. The increase is "likely due" to more deadly synthetic opioids being mixed into narcotics sold on the street, they wrote in a statement. Synthetic opioids are lethal, even in small doses, and "it's very difficult to determine if the narcotics contain them prior to ingestion."

They say to take the following steps if someone is experiencing an overdose:

  1. Call 911.

  2. If the overdose is opiate-related, administer Narcan or Naloxone and turn the person onto their side and into the recovery position.

  3. Narcan or Naloxone may be used every 2-3 minutes if the person is unresponsive.

Minnesota's Good Samaritan Law ensures that a person acting in good faith who seeks medical help for another individual experiencing an overdose will not be charged or prosecuted for sharing, possession or use of a controlled substance, police said.

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