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We Need Your Help!

Last week’s DEA public safety alert helps to put the dangers of fake pill in the spotlight for Americans to see. While there are many parts to the fentanyl crisis, Song for Charlie is combating fake pills by focusing on WARNING THE KIDS WHERE THEY ARE and IN THEIR LANGUAGE. We believe the FASTEST WAY to reach kid & young adults and SAVE LIVES is through social media. SFC is working with a nationally-recognized ad agency and using market research data to develop a marketing campaign that reaches as many kids & young adults as possible and speaks their language.

We are ASKING FOR HELP from you, the community of people who have lost a loved one to fentanyl:

- SFC is looking for volunteers who are willing to give short video testimonials about their experience of losing a family member or friend to fake pills. These testimonials will be used to spread the word on the social media platforms that kids are using. We believe testimonials from young people will have the biggest impact, and we are looking for siblings, spouses and friends aged 13-30 who are willing to create a short video in the comfort of their own homes (or where ever they are!). Participants MUST be over the age of 13. We also think testimonials from people who have overcome addiction will resonate with young people. If you know of anyone who you think would give a good testimonial please send them the below link and ask them to participate. (no need to notify us)

- If you haven’t already, please follow and like Song for Charlie on FB, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, & Twitter. The more people that follow and like our posts, the more our messages will get out.

There are many angles to combatting America’s fentanyl’s crisis, and all of them are important. We appreciate ALL of the people who are making efforts to drive change through tightening drug laws, advocating to tighten our borders, improving mental health services, supporting harm reduction efforts, raising awareness in schools, and all of the other ways people are working to fix this issue. Unfortunately, even with all of these efforts, this problem is not going to go away quickly, so we hope to be able to quickly WARN THE KIDS. We appreciate your help as we do this.

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